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Scalr project and AWS


For those of us getting into amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (ec2), this is a really cool idea.  The idea is that your load grows and a new node is ready to handle additional capacity.  Once load lessens, boxes are turned off.  Integrating this with box stats, response times, monitoring per service makes sense.

I wanted everyone to be thinking of the consumable computing model.  Pay as you go for what you use is really attractive.  No more do you have to have 10 boxes in your www cluster all day long if your spike is only during 8am to 3pm.   Now you can run the 10 boxes during those times and use less boxes during non peak times...  Pretty cool.  And cheap!

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  1. I agree that the Elastic Compute Cloud is a very cool idea. The other benefit to ec2 not mentioned by James is that it is about as “green” as you can get with server farms. By using server virtualization technology, it allows us to consume resources on an “as needed” basis. Why keep ten servers running in a datacenter all day long when you can dynamically allocate those servers only when the load demands it? James, do you have any stats on cost vs performance vs resource consumption for ec2 technology? Anyway, James’ post got me curious about this technology and some google searching led me to the “Green Data Center Blog” at http://www.greenm3.com/ with some very interesting information.

  2. Ok, since this is interesting to us all, I am going to put together a preso for OWASP or some venue to talk about our use of AWS/S3/ec2.

    Josh, you have to stop all this hippy green data center talk 🙂 In fact I am signing our servers up to run using only coal created electricity.

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