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Getting the Real Administrator Access to Time Warner RoadRunner’s Ubee Cable Modem

This post is going to be short and sweet as it's something I meant to put up here when I found it sometime back in mid-2011.  I'm not even sure if Time Warner is still using these Ubee cable modems for their RoadRunner offering, but I'm sure that there are at least a few people out there who still have them.  When you get the modem installed initially, they give you some default credentials.  Something like user/user or admin/admin.  Using these credentials, you are able to access the device and many of the features that it has to offer you.  What you are not able to do is access the menus where you can change how the router is actually configured for internet access, change the master password, or prevent Time Warner from accessing your modem, and subsequently, your network.  To fix this, you just need to know the following secret...

The real administrator username that comes configured on these modems when you get them from Time Warner is the last eight digits of the unit's MAC address sans the colons separating out the values.  This is unique to your device, but can be found pretty easily by looking at the user interface that you do have access to.  The password for this user is "c0nf1gur3m3".  Use that and you should be in.  Feel free to change the password while you're in there to keep the Time Warner folks out.

One other kinda secret thing to node is that if you do want to change how the router is configured for internet access, you will need to go to on your router to do so.  Once there, you can change it to Bridge mode, NAT mode, Router mode, or NAT Router mode depending on what you are looking to do with it.  Hope you enjoyed this simple solution for getting the real administrator access to Time Warner RoadRunner's Ubee cable modem.

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  1. Tried this. Still can’t get in… any new updates?

  2. Are you getting some sort of error message? This worked for me, but I haven’t tried it in a while.

  3. I cant get the super admin, tried with your tutorial, but it just keep me redirecting me to the login page! help dude, ubee dvw324 :L

  4. Are you using Time Warner? This setting may be different for other providers that use the Ubee cable modem. Also, I updated my post above to say that you need to remove the colons separating the values. So, for example, if my MAC address is AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF, then my username is “CCDDEEFF”. Password should be “c0nf1gur3m3″.

  5. May i suggest using User:User as the login.

  6. Tried them all…Not work…any other suggestions?

  7. It’s a trick that I learned from others and it worked just fine for me. Sorry, but if none of those work I don’t have any other ideas for you.

  8. Great tip.. works for me also. Just have to be sure to use all caps when entering the partial mac address for user name.

  9. This work perfectly on ubee DDW3611
    Thanks for keeping the world safe.

  10. This worked for me as well. TWC Texas.

  11. This wont work in a few major cities where TWC disabled the WebUI for security reasons!

  12. Tried this today on new replacement Ubee & it worked! Thanks so much!!!! :-)

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