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Getting the Real Administrator Access to Time Warner RoadRunner’s Ubee Cable Modem

This post is going to be short and sweet as it's something I meant to put up here when I found it sometime back in mid-2011.  I'm not even sure if Time Warner is still using these Ubee cable modems for their RoadRunner offering, but I'm sure that there are at least a few people out there who still have them.  When you get the modem installed initially, they give you some default credentials.  Something like user/user or admin/admin.  Using these credentials, you are able to access the device and many of the features that it has to offer you.  What you are not able to do is access the menus where you can change how the router is actually configured for internet access, change the master password, or prevent Time Warner from accessing your modem, and subsequently, your network.  To fix this, you just need to know the following secret...

The real administrator username that comes configured on these modems when you get them from Time Warner is the last eight digits of the unit's MAC address sans the colons separating out the values.  This is unique to your device, but can be found pretty easily by looking at the user interface that you do have access to.  The password for this user is "c0nf1gur3m3".  Use that and you should be in.  Feel free to change the password while you're in there to keep the Time Warner folks out.

One other kinda secret thing to note is that if you do want to change how the router is configured for internet access, you will need to go to on your router to do so.  Once there, you can change it to Bridge mode, NAT mode, Router mode, or NAT Router mode depending on what you are looking to do with it.  Hope you enjoyed this simple solution for getting the real administrator access to Time Warner RoadRunner's Ubee cable modem.

***Update:  If the above isn't working for you on Time Warner Cable, try one of these suggestions from the comments:

  • Username: admin / Password: cableroot
  • Username: technician / Password: C0nf1gur3Ubee#
  • Username: admin / Password: C0nf1gur3Ubee#
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  1. Does anyone have any suggestions to use to try for a login I.D. & a password for Time Warner’s App on a ROKU? Were I live at in Michigan we don’t even have the option of getting TWC, we only have Comcast & AT&T. Thank you.

  2. >Purchased used 3611 on Amazon for 23.00/shipped – delivered to San Antonio from DC area in two days
    >the 3611 is on TWCs list of “allowed” modems and is rated up to 100m
    >accessed super admin via last 8 of mac addy login w’ conf1gur3m3 pw

  3. follow-up question: how to change the default login and/or remote configuration access login? what is the port used for remote configuration? 8080?

    the reason i was looking for root access to my ubee is that i returned home today after having service for about a week to find that my wireless devices were no longer connecting. oddly, the SSID was as configured (my own ssid & password, not default).

    i patched in physically to check the settings/status and the first thing i saw was another MAC address! sure enough, in my network folder, there was a cheap burner model smart phone listed. of course, i immediately used MAC filtering to keep that device out and changed the SSID/Password. immediately turned off WPS and, in what is probably a useless ruse, i renamed the SSID to the 2WIRE default that’s used by AT&T so future would-be “hackers” would have a harder time finding credentials for remote configuration.

    to wit: i ordered a new router and modem immediately. hardware mass-issued by isp’s is so widely exploited and documented, you’re really asking for trouble using it for WLAN.

  4. I know this is an old post but since it’s the first page that pops up on google searches I thought I would share. After some digging around I found this login stored on my Ubee Modem (Model DVW32CB)

    Username: admin
    Password: C0nf1gur3Ubee#

    Hope that helps anyone trying to enable bridge mode like I was

  5. Really really old post but I wanted to update it for people like me that have researching heavily for hours.

    Greensboro/Winston Salem area:
    User: technician
    PW: C0nf1gur3Ubee#

  6. Thank you Ace!
    Riverside County here, although it may just be default on newer models

  7. Thank you!!! Los Angeles county here and was about to give up till i tried login info on this page

  8. w0rks l1k3 a champ!

    thanks so much!

  9. LA here, this worked for me:
    User: technician
    PW: C0nf1gur3Ubee#
    Thanks Ace!

  10. This is the only place I could find the proper admin login for the DDW3611 and put it into bridge mode. Thanks a lot!


  11. This works for me Columbus Ohio TWC

  12. Does anyone have a username and password I can use to stream DicoveryGO app? I stream all tv and that’s the only one I can’t get… Please can someone help. I use my directv code on everything else just need this one and the don’t recognize Directv

  13. This works in Columbia, SC


  14. I’m trying to change my Downstream and Upstream. Basically I want to unlock it.
    Any suggestions?

  15. P.S. I forgot to add the modem type. Ubee DVW3201B

  16. I’m not sure if anyone is still monitoring this page/post, but in hopes that someone will see my post….I have a few questions.

    I have the Ubee DDW365 modem/router TWC provided.

    1. Does anyone know how to change the real admin u/n or p/w? Under the “account” tab it only gives the option to change the user u/n and/or p/w.

    2.This modem/router’s documentation says that it is single band on 2.4Mhz ONLY. (Also, there are no settings for configuring 5Mhz)
    However, mine is broadcasting a signal on 5765Mhz, Channel 153, using WEP encryption, and no SSID. Does anyone know why or what this is for? How do I make it stop

  17. @ Rob
    I have the Ubee DDW 36c and the wireless settings are a bit strange. Under the wireless tab you will see “Radio” and “Primary Network” in the left panel and just above you can choose 2.4 or 5ghz. Also you can swap between them on the “radio” settings page then switch to “primary network” page and whatever you switched it too is still active.

    I know you have a different modem but maybe they are the same interface.

  18. @Chris
    Thanks for attempting to help, however, I do not have that option and like I said (I think I did) this modem is NOT supposed to be equipped with the ability to broadcast on the 5Ghz channel

  19. I live in Austin, TX and have DVW32CB modem. None of the user/pw combinations suggested here work for me, and the TIModeChange.asp page does not appear to exist on my modem. Does anybody have any suggestions?

  20. Same as @Ryan in NYC over the past couple weeks. Looks like they pushed a firmware update that changed it, possibly because of the Charter acquisition. When this happens we have had to call Time Warner and ask them to put it into bridge mode.

  21. Hi,

    Just had TW/Spectrum cable installed. Have DVW32CB modem. The password combo below worked for me.

    Went to status/operation mode and saw the device was already in bridge mode (to my RT-AC68U). Other connection options available: NAT, Router, NAT Router. So all good here.

    Username: technician / Password: C0nf1gur3Ubee#

  22. I am using an Ubee DDW 3652 Wi-Fi enabled Cable Modem/Router via TWC/Spectrum. I can’t access the web interface of the modem vis or It says the page can’t be reached. It shows as well. Any solution to this problem? I need to change the wi-fi password or at least to disable it.

  23. how can I enable the primary network once i logged in with Username: technician / Password: C0nf1gur3Ubee# is there any way with out paying extra from twc or buying my own wireless router?

  24. last 8 of mac address without colons and password: c0nf1gur3m3 worked

  25. To “just trying”: You can buy your own router, turn of TWC’s WiFi and save $5.

  26. This concept of hidden users with adminstrative power is cazy – like buying a car with everybody having duplicate keys of MY car!
    Also, the password is hard-coded – I cannot change it!!
    Is there a way to look at the list of these pre-programmed “users”? (Do not know, how many.) Of course, I am thinking of removing them all, leaving one with custom password.

  27. Worked, thanks.

  28. Called Spectrum. Told basically they do not care fix the security issue.
    Submitted complaint to FCC.

  29. Called Spectrum. Told basically they do not care to fix the security issue.
    Submitted complaint to FCC.

  30. On the other hand, if you contact the tech support of Ubee, you get an automatic response from their email robot telling you that they supports ISPs only, and that subscribers should contact their provider. Chaos is complete!

  31. Emailed tech support of Ubee requesting to fix this. Their email bot replied they support internet providers only. No support for end users!

  32. Wow, what a mess!!!

  33. On the other side, Ubee refuses to support end-users. There email robot wrote:
    “Please note that Ubee provides technical support directly to Service Providers.
    If you are a Subscriber, please contact your Cable Company for direct suppor.”

  34. Anybody else here, including the administrators, consider this is a backdoor? Accessing it from, the end-user side does nothing to prevent access from anybody else: it remains open, especially after publishing the story here and elsewhere.
    If it is an open forum, why the administrator keep editing comments revealing utmost inaction from the manufacturer?
    A little explanation at the bottom of the article will help.

  35. Username: technician / Password: C0nf1gur3Ubee#

    Works for me. Spectrum’s website says they “do not allow port forwarding” and that you have to contact customer support to request it, and it’s *their* discretion whether they’ll do it or not. Like hell.

    With these settings I put the modem into NAT mode (it was shipped to me in Bridge mode) and that gives me access to all the port forwarding controls. Who’s discretion? MY DISCRETION.

    Thank you for the help. =)

  36. Thanks,

    TWC (now Spectrum) wants money to reset my modem… with the technician user i reseted all… for free

    Just in case, i changed technician password 🙂

  37. Louis,
    Are you sure the password change is permanent?
    Try the password given here, and I am almost sure it will still work. At least that’s what I experienced.

  38. Username: Last 8 of MAC address in uppercase without colons
    Password: c0nf1gur3m3

    Worked for me, too! Ubee DDW365

  39. New York City – the technician password above worked. Does anyone know if there is a way to actually change the technician password? Otherwise, it seems this backdoor remains open. 🙁

  40. Temple, TX 76504; Subscribed to services in Dec. 2016 from Time Warner Cable, now they are Spectrum.

    Today is 2/3/2018
    Modem: TWC provided Ubee DDW36C
    Username: technician / Password: C0nf1gur3Ubee# worked

    These credentials exposed Operation Mode. However I did not see anywhere the existing user accounts it comes with much less a means to change passwords for them, only thing I found was a form for adding “end user” accounts.

  41. If you try to change the password for a technician login, normally it is not going to work as they are literally only on the modems that belong to the company. The technician login cannot work remotely unless TWC Spectrum representativeturns a feature on for them to work. Calling it a backdoor is a misnomer because it implies a security risk. If you think it’s a problem then buy your own, problem solved. You think you get an apartment and management/maintenance doesn’t have a key? This is the same thing.

    The technician login isn’t any better than the admin login on the back. You can use your admin login for FULL ACCESS including complex things like port forwarding, mac filtering, etc…
    The reason you can’t call in and ask them to do, say, port forwarding is because 1) the bossman cares about helping you QUICKLY and 2) they care about your internet connection functioning, no regard to customization of the experience beyond changing wifi names and passwords and 3) your stuff gets hacked and broken through one of those open ports, guess who you’re going to sue? All companies are like that though, no one wants to spend money paying tech support agents to take the time.

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