The second presentation of the morning was various members of the OWASP board speaking about the goals of OWASP for the upcoming year.  My summary is below.

Jeff Williams

  • Cross Site Scripting is an epidemic
  • We need to view insecure software as a disgrace
  • Everything OWASP is free and void of commercialism
  • “When information comes with an agenda, people discount it”

Tom Brenan

Global Membership Committe 2010 Focus

  • Global expansion
  • 7x increase (2008)
  • Vote your board members

Global Industry Committee 2010 Focus

  • Building industry special interest groups
  • Continuing to impact regulation (NIST, government, organizations, EU)

Dave Wichers

Global Conferences Committee 2010 Focus

  • Support four global AppSec Conferences per year
  • Support OWASP regional and local events worldwide

Sebastian Deleersnyder

Global Education Committee 2010 Focus

  • Academic outreach
  • OWASP bootcamp
  • Roll out college OWASP education kits

Global Chapter Committee 2010 Focus

  • Identify and reactive inactive chapters
  • Actively support chapters with mentors and speakers
  • College OWASP education kits

Dinis Cruz

Global Projects Committee 2010 Focus

  • Apply assessment criteria version 2 to all projects
  • Unified dashboard for OWASP projects
  • Launch and manage 2010 season of code